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ANFR's Spectrum & Innovation conferences are international events highlighting challenges of future spectrum uses to a wide audience of digital professionals. In an more and more connected world, spectrum becomes a more strategic and key resource contributing to innovation, to the creation of new added values and jobs. These Spectrum & Innovation conferences are opportunity for networking and debate with major players in the digital economy, start-ups leaders, academics, and to consider the conditions under which future technological changes can take-up. This 5th edition of the Spectrum & Innovation conferences will take place on a one day only at Station F on October 16th. Four round tables will take place with of high-level speakers in between. NEW for this event: DEMO area in the STATION F Hall will be available to showcase the innovations of the stakeholders and start-ups!


Tuesday October 16 2018

Matinée animée par
Elsa Bembaron, Journaliste, au Figaro, Télécoms et tech
Auteur de Patrick Drahi, l'ogre des networks (Editions de l'Archipel, 2017)

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For this edition, a demo zone is installed in the Station F hall to highlight the innovations of start-ups and actors present at the ANFR Conference. Hybrid radio, nanosatellites, driving an autonomous car in Stockholm from Station F thanks to the 5G... Do not miss this showroom that will transport you into the future!

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  • ANFR
  • Blade
  • Ericsson
  • Hand
  • Nokia
  • Red Technologies
  • Syrlinks
  • TDF
  • Unseenlabs
  • Xerius


ANFR in the demo zone presents two of its innovative applications:
- spectrum Blockchain : how does it work? For which purpose? Visiting the ANFR stand, you will be able to test spectrum Blockchain providing access to some unlicensed spectrum ;
- The OPENBARRES app: launched at the end of August, this new application, based on crowdsourcing, allows a real-time assessment of the status of a mobile network open to the public.



After raising more than 60 million euros in two years from private investors, the French start-up Blade launched its product Shadow and came last September, to present his new product: Shadow Ghost. Thanks to Shadow applications, any device connected to the Internet becomes a gaming or workstation, protected from breakdowns and obsolescence. Come discover it at the demo space!


Drive a vehicle 1600 km away thanks to Ericsson 5G

Participants can drive from Paris a vehicle in Sweden, thanks to our 5G technology. The car and the cockpit are synchronized and an haptic feedback is offered. Thus, if the vehicle is driving on an obstacle in Sweden, the person driving the vehicle in Paris can feel it and react in real time. This demonstration exploits one of the important features of 5G: the reduced latency of this network.



The goal of HAND is to prepare for natural disasters, to reduce the number of casualties; this preparation is carried out through technological solutions as well as civil exercises with the public authorities and the populations.



The demo presents a 3D video of a musician's performance filmed by several Kinect cameras and broadcast in 5G as a 3D hologram in the local cloud to be embedded in a virtual reality scene. The high definition video of the virtual reality hologram is then transmitted in 5G to Oculus and iPADs.


RED Technologies

The SAS is the Spectrum Access System which authorizes and manages the use of the spectrum in the 3.5 GHz band. Its main goal is to protect the actors from interference according the rules defined by the CBRS Three-Tier Model. RED Technologies will showcase a SAS operating Three-Tier in the 3550-3700 MHz band with a virtualized massive LTE TDD eNB deployment over one major US costal urban area.



With Radiobridge, TDF leverages on the FM/DAB+ broadcast and 4G/5G streaming platform complementarities to offer new in-car hybrid radio reception services. Listening experience is enhanced with new functionalities : intelligent switch between broadcast and live streaming reception, timeshifting or restarting a live program from its beginning.



This start-up from Rennes, created in 2015, has just gathered 7.5 million euros and will launch its first nanosatellites in 2019 for the surveillance of ships. You will see on their stand a model of one of the 20 nanosatellites that will be sent into space, which weighs no more than 10 kilos (!), and how the system will work to locate, thanks to their electromagnetic passive emissions, all vessels crossing at sea, starting with the most difficult to locate.


Technologies for "Smart" Biodiversity

Expert in radiofrequency since 1999, Xerius has distinguished itself since 2016 through its XeriusTracking department and its miniaturized technologies for monitoring biodiversity. From 0.25grs, these hybrid technologies, unique in France, already monitor hundreds of individuals. Come and track them at their booth !

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